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We give people space to be themselves

Alpine is a family-led real estate enterprise based in Zurich and Berlin. As a portfolio holder, we specialise in office and business premises near international airports. From development to lettings to management of properties, Alpine offers all services under one roof.


The basic form of the building is U-shaped. Thanks to their small spatial depth and their many windows, the upper floors enable both individual and open-plan offices to be set up. There are no load-bearing walls. The building is engineered with supports in the rooms.


The building consists of two basement floors, a ground floor and three upper floors. The main entrance is on the ground floor. The upper floors and the basement with its various storerooms, building services installations and 45 parking spaces in the underground garage are accessible via the central stairwell, which also houses a passenger lift. Each of the two side wings has a goods lift. There are also 34 outdoor parking spaces in the external area.

Building services

The property is partly air-conditioned. The rest of the ventilation concept is based on natural ventilation through windows that can be individually opened. Windowless rooms such as toilets etc. have conventional ventilation systems. If you would like more air conditioning, this can of course be installed.


The usable areas are let as standard with the already existing installations and room partitions. The different rental areas are presented with installations of varying standards. It is possible to make individual modifications to the installations and room partitions. We are prepared to refit spaces, depending on the term of the lease and the area rented. In this case, costs will be added to the rent.

Our commercial properties have flexible floorplans and can be designed entirely to suit your needs. Our experienced team, together with our external partners for planning and construction, will support you to make your ideas a reality.

From the first visit to the individual fitting out of your rental areas to property management, we are there for you. We take care of all this for you so you can concentrate on your business.


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