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Boardroom 22921

The people behind Alpine

From real estate marketing to facility service to construction project management – our real estate experts will support you in all matters.

Roger Stucki Roger Stucki Leger

Roger Stucki


Maximilian Sprick Maximilian Sprick Leger

Maximilian Sprick

Management & Head of Construction and Head of Berlin

Christian Baur Christian Baur Leger

Christian Baur

Management & Head of Real Estate

Marco Affeltranger Marco Affeltranger Leger

Marco Affeltranger


Karin Flury Karin Flury Leger

Karin Flury


Alessandra Honegger Alessandra Honegger Leger

Alessandra Honegger

Assistant Property Management

Viktor Krawczyk Viktor Krawczyk Leger

Viktor Krawczyk

Technical Property Management

Patrick Kull Patrick Kull Leger

Patrick Kull

Facility Services

Fabio Martins Fabio Martins Leger

Fabio Martins

Head of Lettings and Digital Real Estate

Melanie Moreno Melanie Moreno Leger

Melanie Moreno

Assistant Property Management and Lettings

Michael Oppliger Michael Oppliger Leger

Michael Oppliger

Head of Property Management

Rahel Raum Rahel Raum Leger

Rahel Raum

Assistant to CEO

Susanne Reichmuth Susanne Reichmuth Leger

Susanne Reichmuth

Assistant to Head of Construction and Head of Berlin

Rita Schwender Rita Schwender Leger

Rita Schwender


Antonio Sivolella Antonio Sivolella Leger

Antonio Sivolella

Site Management

Evelyn Stadler Evelyn Stadler Leger

Evelyn Stadler

Property Management

Severin Woodtli Severin Woodtli Leger

Severin Woodtli


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